Time-Lapse Photography Video Compiling Simplified in a Script

  I’ve experimented with time-lapse photography in some of my more recent projects, and have seen the process as a technical challenge. Time-lapse photography is very technical.  You have to be able to predict the light and possible movements of objects in the future, which can be up to hours from the time you capture […]


A New Years ToDo

Three weeks is a nice long vacation. These past three weeks that I’ve spent in Asheville, N.C. visiting my parents has been a welcome break from the grind of school and journalism projects.  It is also the last time that I’ll be able to take three weeks of vacation at a time, assuming I get […]

What journalists should know about encryption and security

Encryption.  It’s big news these days, with Edward Snowden at the the center of the story.  That said, precious few newsrooms are using encrypted emails or secure practices for information security. In this day and age, not knowing how to encrypt your information is recklessly endangering the anonymity of unnamed sources at best, and can […]

On Journalism and the Mainstream Media

As a journalist, there’s something that really burns my bottom, and I tend to hear it every time there is a major event: the assertion that “mainstream media” isn’t covering an event, or worse, that it is deliberately covering something up.


A Photo Day in Venice (California)

I took a trip to Venice Beach on April 20.  I took my cameras along for fun, and got to shoot some cool stuff.  The graffiti walls the most fun to shoot.  Live art is a part of what Venice is known for.  From skateboarders to buskers, there are plenty of people doing things, making […]


Photos: Long Beach Derby Gals

Just a few photographs I took at the Long Beach Derby Gals roller derby match between the Cyclone Racers and Breakwater Bombshells at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif.  At halftime, there was a performance by Sirena Serpentina and a live performance by The Rockets.