Yoga in Long Beach: Yogalution and Dharma Shakti have a New Home

Yogalution's proposed branding, from Dharma Shakti's blog.  Image: Dharma Shakti.

Yogalution’s proposed branding, from Dharma Shakti’s blog. Image: Dharma Shakti.

It’s official.

Dharma Shakti, the woman who helped bring donation-based yoga classes to Long Beach, is moving from Trilogy Yoga to a new studio.

Shakti is a celebrity in the Long Beach yoga scene due to her establishment of “free” yoga at Bluff Park at the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Junipero Avenue in Long Beach, Calif.  The donation-based classes, dubbed “Yogalution,” are offered by Shakti and other instructors as a community service.  Nobody is turned away from  the impromptu open-air yoga class, which offers yogis views of the ocean and distant port.  The classes are designed with large community in mind, targeting the beginner to intermediate level.  Yogis are seen daily from 11 a.m. to noon giving sun salutations and taking down-dogs, giving a stark contrast to the often loud and busy boulevard.

Shakti, who helped open Trilogy in 2009, announced on her blog and at the end of her “Yogalution” session at Bluff Park in Long Beach, that she would be going into business on her own.  Shakti’s sudden decision to leave Trilogy came after her return from India.

Shakti and her former business partner, Jakki Braden, traveled to India together in February.  After their return, the women found that they had different visions about the small studio’s future.  The differences in yoga and business philosophy soon resulted in Shakti applying to open her own business with the city of Long Beach.  Shakti’s new studio, Yogalution Movement and Ayurveda, is located at 1240 East Broadway Street in Long Beach, Calif.  Classes will begin at Yogalution on March 21, according to Shakti’s blog.

Braden will retain ownership of Trilogy Yoga, as her name is listed on the studio’s lease.  Shakti will transplant the old donation-based scheme to the new studio, while Trilogy will adopt a sliding-scale payment methodology.

Yogalution’s suggested donation will be $8-20, while Trilogy’s pay schedule will offer classes for $7-20.

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